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new login from other device

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I am worried about Shopify emails about 'login from new device'!

I do have four Shopify stores but don't visit them every day. I am in the process of 'merging' them into on main store. However, the last week, I received emails from Shopify about a 'new login from other device'......if it was you....etc. etc. 

My IP address is different than I see in the emails. On the store security page, I see the same 'new' IP address and location, BUT incl. text; "this device".....which is not true because this (mine) device has another IP address!!

I went to a IP Lookup and have all the info of the 'new' IP login. It does not seem a 'hack' or so.....:-) 

The IP login shows up in all my four stores...and everything works far!

The 'new' IP address points to the name of my telephone/internet/wifi provider....??? 

Somebody knows what to do with this? Thanks very much, Sjoerd

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Maybe you have a dynamic IP address (rather than a static IP) which changes every few days. If so, your IP address now could be different to what it was when you previously logged in when you received the email alert. Or maybe you have logged into Shopify with more than one device.

If in doubt, change your password to be on the safe side.

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Hello ShopMagic, every time I sign in, I see that activity (incl. time) in my 'security' page on Shopify.  So far everything is ok however, the IP address is not mine and the location also. The blue ribbon says "My Device"..... which is not.. Is it possible to sign in with two different IP addresses? I changed the password and the 'double' sign info is still there....

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same thing is happening to me! and someone has logged into my admin page. i keep changing passwords and it doesn’t matter. shopify doesn’t help they just say change passwords. 🙄