New product doesn't reflect to the website after creating product in the backend platform

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We are facing serious issue on creating new products in Shopify platform, we tired to create new product (with inventory details) and it successfully appeared in our website for a while, but suddenly being removed and the inventory all turned to 0 and the product status turned to "draft" not "active". We had already faced this situation for 1 week and even clear the cache didn't help too..... Any solutions can be shared? Thanks

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Hey @rubyt 


This is very critical situation, it should not be happening.


Your first step is to head to Settings> Store Activity Log

Here you will get every store activity rectify that,


If you encounter some activities which were not performed by you then check the collaborator access to see if someone is messing with your store,


Lastly if none of that helps try contacting Shopify Support, since you are missing a lot on the side of visibility of your product due to being low stock and being in draft.


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