New Shopify Filter Collections Not Working with tag filtering.

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We've found a bug with the new metatag filtering system and brought it up with our team maker. 

Essentially, the Shopify Filters don't work in conjunction with tag filtering. 



The customer filters by product type or price.

Then the customer selects a tag from the filter menu. 

The page loads products based on the tag or price and product filter adjustments no longer work.


Furthermore, there is still the old issue of tag filtering limitations. Customs can not select more than one tag. 

Working: Tag1+Tag2 

Brings up only products with both tags.

Not working: Tag1 AND Tag2 | Tag1 OR Tag2

Bring up products with either tag.


The OR option does work, but only on the search page, as a URL workaround.


A video was created showing this bug on youtube. named: "Bug report. Tags and filters do not work together - by diego lopez"

I'm not posting a link here, please search Youtube. We would like to make sure Shopify is aware of this and provide a fix. 

This would help users with large catalogs optimize for a better customer experience. 


If you have found a workaround other than adding another app please post it here.

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I'm running into the same problem.

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Running into this problem too... Filters displaying correctly, until a tag is added to a collection.

/collections/bike-wearing/ -> working

/collections/bike-wearing/mens/ -> not working

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Did we ever find a fix to this issue?

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Also running into this problem. Still unsolved after almost 2 years. Disapointing.

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Use the built-in filter provided by Shopify, which utilizes metafields. This approach is much better than relying on tags.