NFT FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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To support first-party NFT sales, Shopify has launched an NFT Beta that is open to select US-based merchants on Shopify Plus. 


The NFT Beta allows for the sale of NFTs using Shopify Payments, and is open to brands, artists, and creators with a well-established presence on Social Media (they are “verified” on Instagram / Twitter). If you meet the eligibility requirements visit the NFT Beta Merchant Landing Page to apply for the beta and express interest.

Once accepted into the NFT Beta, you will be able to mint your NFTs using one of 3rd party Partner-created apps, sell  them with Shopify, and accept payments using Shopify Payments. 


Here are some frequently asked questions related to selling NFTs on Shopify. 


1. What is an NFT?


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique, digital tokens that can’t be replaced. They’re issued on a blockchain, like Ethereum. These tokens can represent anything digital, such as art, animated stickers, music, videos, Tweets, and more.

To learn more about NFTs: 

2. Is Shopify Plus required to sell NFTs using Shopify?


Shopify Plus is required to sell NFTs as part of our NFT Program.  


3. What’s the difference between the NFT Beta and the NFT Program?


The NFT Program is open to all Plus Merchants, provided they enable their own payment gateway integration in our checkout. Using Shopify Payments is exclusive to U.S. based Merchants accepted into the NFT Beta.


4. Why is Shopify Plus required to participate in the NFT Program?


  • Plus gets additional strategic and support contacts at Shopify
  • Plus exclusive apps like Flow and Scripts are tools that bring functionality for Merchants to better control their drops
  • The apps developed to support the NFT Program are still in an early state and many desired features will require custom work by Partners, which will have non-trivial costs associated with them

5. Where can I learn more about Shopify and NFTs? 


Our NFT Beta Landing Page contains all the information we have available at this time. Stay tuned for more details!

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