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No information on products that can only be picked up

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Hey everyone,

small problem:

All products we sell through our online store can also be picked up by buyers at our location.

For most of them we offer shipping. On the product page of such products, below the buy button, there's a note that a pickup is possible. So far, so good.

However, there are products for which we do not offer shipping. These must be picked up by the customer. For these products, we have unchecked "This product requires shipping" in the product settings.

If a customer now looks at such a product in the store, no notice that the product can (only) be picked up will be displayed. Also in the further course (checkout) the customer won't get additional information on that, where and when he has to pick up the product.

How can we solve this problem?

Thanks a lot!

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Hello @jkanonas ,

Sandy here from Store Pickup + Delivery 🙂 

Our app offers a widget that can be added on your cart page, where the customers can choose their method of choice, between the Store Pickup, the Local Delivery and the Shipping.

Within our settings, you can find a feature called Conditional Activation, that allow you to enable or disable a method based on tags, collection, vendor or product type. This feature could help you make sure that your Pickup only products do not allow the Shipping method to be selected to checkout.

It isn't possible for our app to be on your products page, though, to let them know at this step if a product is Pickup only. But maybe could you add this in the description of the product(s) ?

As for the next steps of the checkout process, please note that we can also add our attributes ( method, location address, date and time selected ) to the Order Status page , as well as on the Shopify's Order Confirmation email

Don't hesitate to write us as, if you are interested in knowing more about our app !

Wishing you a lovely day, 


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Looks promising, thanks for pointing out your app.