No Tracking Pixel Work At All (TikTok, Meta, Pinterest, Google)

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Hello everyone,

I have the following problem:
None of my tracking pixels are firing, even though they are loading.


The following extensions are installed: TikTok, "Facebook & Instagram", Pinterest and "Google & YouTube".

The accounts are all linked correctly and all permissions are available. In Chrome, I have installed the corresponding Pixel Helper for all channels.

On other Shopify stores, I can see that the pixel helpers are working and that their tracking is working. When I visit my own store, I can see the pixel IDs in the source code, but the Chrome Pixel Helper doesn't show me anything. If I want to check the tracking in the TikTok event manager via QR code and smartphone, nothing is loaded either. Although all "pixels" are loaded in the frontend, not a single pixel records events.


If I copy the TikTok basic pixel code from the event center and put it manually into the HEAD section of my theme.liquid, the pixel is working.


Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? I have no ad blockers installed in my browser and even on another computer with a fresh Windows installation and new Google Chrome, nothing is loading although all pixels are present in "trekkie.load".

I checked all login permissions, reinstalled the TikTok Shopify app, deactivated my GDPR plugin in the meantime and even switched to a different theme to see if it was the theme  (I am currently using the "Dawn 9.0" theme). None of this helped. The tracking codes are displayed in the source code, but no pixel fires.

I hope you guys can help me

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We are having a very similar situation with our Shopify and ad tracking pixels. Were you able to find any solutions yet? We have gotten zero help from Shopify support as they blame the ad platforms and the ad platforms direct us back to Shopify support?