No tracking pixel works at all (TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Google)

No tracking pixel works at all (TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Google)

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Hello everyone,

I have the following problem:
None of my tracking pixels are firing, even though they are loading.


The following extensions are installed: TikTok, "Facebook & Instagram", Pinterest and "Google & YouTube".

The accounts are all linked correctly and all permissions are available. In Chrome, I have installed the corresponding Pixel Helper for all channels.

On other Shopify stores, I can see that the pixel helpers are working and that their tracking is working. When I visit my own store, I can see the pixel IDs in the source code, but the Chrome Pixel Helper doesn't show me anything. If I want to check the tracking in the TikTok event manager via QR code and smartphone, nothing is loaded either. Although all "pixels" are loaded in the frontend, not a single pixel records events.


If I copy the TikTok basic pixel code from the event center and put it manually into the HEAD section of my theme.liquid, the pixel is working.


Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? I have no ad blockers installed in my browser and even on another computer with a fresh Windows installation and new Google Chrome, nothing is loading although all pixels are present in "trekkie.load".

I checked all login permissions, reinstalled the TikTok Shopify app, deactivated my GDPR plugin in the meantime and even switched to a different theme to see if it was the theme  (I am currently using the "Dawn 9.0" theme). None of this helped. The tracking codes are displayed in the source code, but no pixel fires.

I hope you guys can help me

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I have the exact same problem.

On March 9th I understand that Shopify did not track events on the dashboard.

On March 10th yes.

Yesterday March 11th and today there was a negative drop in sessions on the Shopify dashboard.

At this point I wanted to understand if it was an ads problem and I realized that there were no events tracked on TikTok ads.

So I check the Meta and TikTok pixels through the Chrome extensions and they are not active on my site. (Meta and TikTok are integrated directly from Shopify)

Externally, the Clarity platform, connected with GTM, appears to have normal sessions.

So I contact Shopify support and they tell me that internally they have no findings of bugs in this regard, however they have notified the dedicated department of this.

I believe there is a bug somewhere in the code where Shopify events are integrated, because personally nothing has been changed on my part, and coincidentally all Shopify events, including pixels, don't work; while as I was saying Clarity set externally works well.

Now I'm waiting, but at this point I strongly believe that the problem comes from Shopify, from the Shopify code exactly.

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I've been having the same problem as both of you. We had an issue last September where all our Shopify integrated pixels (Meta, Tiktok, Pinterest) showed a major decrease in events recorded that was at odds with what we saw in GA, our third party MTA partner, and our non-Shopify connected pixels. Depending on when we checked the pixel helper chrome extension, we would sometimes see the tags firing and sometimes they would disappear. Shopify connections showed no sign of issue (everything appeared to be connected) and support was adamant that there was no issue with the pixels, despite us showing signs of drop off / pixel helper screenshots. 


The issue resolved itself before Shopify could get to the bottom of it. 


Then this past January we saw the same drop off, where there was a major decrease in all events reported from our Shopify-connected pixels (Meta, Tiktok, Pinterest). Again, still firing but probably only capturing about 80% of events. There was no drop off from other platform pixels, which we set up manually. We've been trying to troubleshoot ever since but Shopify is adamant there are no issues. Then on March 12 the Tiktok and Pinterest pixels dropped off our website - we cannot see them in the code or via pixel helper extension - although within Shopify both pixels appear connected. We even connected and disconnected the pixels but no luck. It's clear something is wrong with the Shopify code but we've received no support to back up this theory.


This might be a separate issue but we've also noticed that our Sessions Converted metric in Shopify is underreporting and began around the same time this year that our pixel issues restarted. Wondering if both are related.

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Hi Everyone,

I Attentively read your issues with event firing.The fact that your tracking pixels are loading in the source code but not firing events suggests there might be a conflict or configuration issue causing them to malfunction. It happens when system works on automation having bugs of something like that. Here i can suggest you.

setup you pixels Via Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool provided by Google.
It enables you to add, update, and manage tags (such as tracking pixels, scripts, and snippets) on your website or app.
Instead of manually editing code, you use GTM to control which tags fire and when.

Benefits of Using Google Tag Manager:

  • Centralized Management
  • Reduced Errors
  • Easy Debugging

Advanced Features: GTM offers advanced features like firing tags based on specific triggers (e.g., page views, button clicks, Form tracking , Scroll depth and time, video tracking), user behavior, and more. This provides greater control over your tracking.

To know more insight on how to implement all of these Feel free ask.


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Did anyone end up finding a cause or solution for this? 

We are experiencing the same issue. On the morning of 5/19 all of our third party pixels stopped tracking and Shopify Sessions on the dashboard started showing a significant and persistent decline. Our sales are not affected and sessions in Mixpanel (data coming through Segment) seem to be showing correctly. We can't find any correlation with internal changes that have place. If anyone has had any luck resolving this I'd love to know what you found.