Not able to click anything in search bar because of slideshow

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Not able to click anything in search bar because of slideshow - dawn theme

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I read your problem and it seems that I need to analyze your website to provide the solution here.
Would you please share your website URL and if your website is password protected then also provide the password.

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I have just solved this problem by myself.

I am facing some more problems related to z-index in other elements of the website


On the homepage of my website ( there are product sliders in that the problem is that I am not able to click the products fully on DESKTOP. Which means whenever my cursor pointer is between the two slider control buttons (left and right) then I can't click on the product. I need to keep the cursor above or below the two slider control buttons.


Visit the website and inspect the two buttons (right and left) you will understand the problem.


Another problem is about the product description on the product page. In this some paragraphs are in bold and larger in font size as compared to other paragraphs. I am attaching link for your reference: