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Notice from Shopify to remove a theme a web developer used for my online gift business

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I received a notice from Shopify that I was using an unlicensed theme on my online gift business.

The web developer choose the theme to my knowledge and did not tell me about the fee for the theme.

I don't understand how I received this notice over 1 year from when the website was launched. 

My online Shopify store is 1-click-stop and Shopify have asked me look up the theme in Archetype

and pay for the license. I looked up my admin in my online gift business and I cannot see the name of 

the theme, so where does one find out the name of the theme or the owner of the theme. I too choose

a web developer from the list on Shopify which was an education. 

                                                                     Kind regards,


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Hello NIall,

1) You can try to check the theme name in css file ( developer add theme name in top and bottom

  2) Check under Config > settings_schema.json

If not found under these 2 locations please also share the store URl here. Maybe we can help to find it.





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Hi Guleria, I have asked a website developer to check the back end of my online Shopify gift store

for the name of the Theme. Was the message about me not having a license for the theme for real or spam. I received the email one year after we launched the website, did the web developer not have to pay for the theme to the owner first before they used the theme on my website? Kind regards, Niall.