OAuth Connection Issue: Intermittent Script Load Errors During Shopify App Review

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Hi Shopify Devs,

I'm facing a bit of trouble during the app approval process. Our OAuth connection setup has been smooth across different browsers in our tests, but the Shopify reviewer ran into errors with some of our website scripts not loading, specifically JavaScript and CSS chunks. The console errors show "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET" which is puzzling.

The problematic files are stored on Amazon S3 in a public bucket and delivered through Amazon CloudFront, and this screenshot from the reviewer’s console captures the issue.


Here is a example file link.

Key points to note:

  • OAuth kicks off without issues.
  • These resource load failures are hit or miss.
  • We haven't been able to replicate this problem ourselves.

Any advice or similar experiences would be super helpful. I’m all ears for any troubleshooting tips.


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