Old Apps are Haunting My Store - Metafields lingering from old apps after uninstall

Old Apps are Haunting My Store - Metafields lingering from old apps after uninstall

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Hey Everyone,


My store has been with shopify since 2012. Over this period of time, i've experimented with multiple apps to enhance our site. Today after doing a bit of an audit, I came across some metafields under custom data in settings that contain no definition. I looked into deleting these metafields, however it was not possible to do so. The most specific issue came from an app called SEOManager by Venntov. These meta fields that were created in the past were built into the app, and allowed me to edit or create title tags and meta descriptions for PRODUCT TAGS. Over the years i removed this app and followed the instructions from the developer to do so.


After the 2.0 update via shopify, i started to notice an impact on traffic. Did everything i could to clean up 404's, old code from apps if there were any, worked on crawl budgeting etc, optimized pages, tried building backlinks, but nothing ever seemed to work. Now Im looking at the these metafields and realizing how they could be affecting my sites performance.


I have contacted shopify via chat, but no luck so far. They've redirected me to  the developer, but some of these devs don't even exist on the platform anymore (other metafields popping up). Is there a solution for this?


I'm reading something about old app APIs that need to be resolved on the backend, but ya we all know how that story plays out. Knowing how old my store is, it would probably help if shopify had a tech support number to get a hold of for these kinds of issues instead of keeping me on a chat that gets nowhere. All code has been removed based on my knowledge from these apps, just don't know what else i can do on my end. Anyone got a solution ??



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