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On theme DEBUT, does the automatic discount apply only on the cheapest product??

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I have let's say 10 products I want to offer one for free if customer buys 3. So he puts 4 in the cart and boom automatic reduction, he pays 3 and gets one free. All good so far. Now that customer wants a few other products as well. He adds them into his cart, let's say he adds 3 products, qty 4 each. Logically he should have one free article of each product, but no... Shopify's clever techs didn't think that way... that would be too easy! It offers 3x the cheapest product of all 3, instead of each product once! Following? Now how stupid is that? It's by default and you can't do anything about that, except getting an app you'd have to pay 5-9$/month I suppose? I'm paying for a yearly membership, plus 2% on each sale and that can't even be setp up. Honestly fed up with Shopify. 

Now can anything be done ?? Coding? Tech help? 

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