Online sessions reporting error

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Hey everyone!


Over the last 2 weeks I've been experiencing some reporting issues on the daily store sessions. It's correct in the morning and will correctly report the differences from the day before (ie. up 5%, down 5% etc etc). 


But as soon as it hits around 11am, it suddenly changes and reports that the previous day I received double the amount of traffic than I actually did. So when I look at the daily sessions it now reports a drop in 50% as it's comparing it to the day before which has now been inflated. 


It's not a massive issue, but is of putting when I'm trying to compare performance over the last days/weeks.


If anyone has any idea, please let me kn


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There is definitely something going wrong with the Online Session reporting in admin.  Ever since the latest update our session numbers have flatlined in that widget.  Looking at Google Analytics, our number of sessions hasn't changed dramatically from Google's perspective. But the session numbers in Shopify show about 1/3 what GA shows, and then some random days it will be almost 7 or 8 times what GA shows.  And even yesterday we sent a newsletter, Shopify shows half as many sessions as our email provider shows clickthrus from our email. 


At this point we don't trust anything in that widget and wish we could just hide it.