Online Store 2.0 - Testing theme app extensions with Dawn theme layout issues

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Beginning to build out first theme app extensions for a new app we're working on. Using the Dawn theme of course to test how this all works and are having some issues/questions:

  1. The documentation refers to App blocks as either wrapped or unwrapped. But there is no indication beyond a graphic of what the actual difference is and how one would specify an app block is one or the other.
  2. When following the documentation we are able to add our app block section into a page, but it is appended as a new section without all the theme's standard inner section divs that clearly center the main content and add lots of right/left auto margin. See
  3. The documentation shows this example of an app block in a theme, but I see no way in the new 2.0 theme customizer to be able to insert our block in an existing section as a new simple block in this way. 

Can anyone help advise here? I know this is a newly released feature set but it seems we app makers need to get on the ball quickly to be able to fully support 2.0 themes before end of year and we're struggling with some missing documentation here or perhaps just some misunderstandings.