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My issue is quote simple but can’t figure out how to fix it.

I run a flower shop business name *lalabellabh.com

Issue 1:

our customers (gift senders) enter their details in the (shipping address) fields, and they enter (receiver details) in the billing address fields.

now, not sure where the issue is, but after our customers complete their transactions and their order is done and successful, the page loads with a note:

Thank you for placing the order (then adds the receiver name) instead of adding (the sender name) which apparently shopify coding at the checkout page, pulls out the receiver name from the billing address field instead of the shipping address field.

now, my question is, how can i get an access to the checkout page coding and just fix the liquid code from {billing_address first.name} to {shipping_address first.name}.

Issue 2:

the problem continues to the customer database 

so basically if any new customer place an order, shopify collects those customer names and address in a database for future reference, so the problem is, when a customer enters their details in shipping address fields, it goes to that database correctly, accept for the name only is pulled from the billing address field, but all other information is correctly pulled from the shipping address fields which cause a confusion to the team when they want to dispatch the orders!!

i just need to fix these two issues as everything else is working perfectly

anyone expert in this area or encountered similar issue? 

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