Order sent to Fulfillment Service (same as fulfilment) without changing fulfillment status

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Hello Looking for a solution to my fulfillment workflow.  We are a nursery but have many other partner fulfillment service nurseries.  We collect orders all year but some do not ship until they are ready, sometimes months later in the year so multiple fulfillments are necessary to track what is actually delivered. However, I need to fulfill the order to send the order to the fulfillment service nursery to reserve the plants as soon as the order come in. I have no way in my current workflow to track what has been actually delivered except manual notes.


Is there a way to send the order to the fulfillment services so they can reserve the material, but not change the fulfillment status for the order?  It would be nice to have it auto-send to the various fulfillment services I use similar to the fulfill in Shopify.


I am not sure if I am missing something simple in the workflow that is super basic or if this is custom programming.  Also willing to use an app.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks so much!



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Hi Nick,


Did you ever get a reply to this question?  

We have a similar situation.  I want to accept the fulfilment request but I don't want the status to change to fulfilled until I have actually fulfilled the shipment.




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No we ended up using Auto Fulfill app which does what we need pretty well.
A customer orders, it sends an email to the dropshipper. Once the drop
shipper ships you can either have the drop shipper enter the information or
you can enter the information and actually fulfill it within Shopify. Hope
this helps .https://apps.shopify.com/auto-fulfill