Our apps where we have integrated mobile buy sdk stops working suddenly.

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We have integrated mobile buy sdk inside our Android/ iOS app to fetch our collections data.

Suddenly from today onwards we started getting error while fetching collections.


We are having below specific error:-

{"errors":[{"message":"Field 'collections' doesn't exist on type 'Shop'","locations":[{"line":1,"column":7}],"path":["query","shop","collections"],"extensions":{"code":"undefinedField","typeName":"Shop","fieldName":"collections"}}]}


But I have cross check every thing at our Admin side, and seems like collections are all okay and publish to all required Sales Channels.


Can any one please tell me what could be the problem, like our all apps are live and we are facing many customer support tickets due to this.

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I am facing exact same issue. Please share how you resolved it...