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I'm in the process of building a new theme and I've come across a snag!

I've built a filter system using product tags and I simply want to stop out of stock items showing in my collections.

I've installed an app that reorders my collections so that my out of stock items are last, this works fine, but it's not perfect.

I know I can use the query filter.v.availability=1, however as soon as I go into a product tag, i.e. /collections/watches/mens, that query will no longer work!


I feel like I'm missing something really really basic here! Is there no way to set out of stock items to simply not display by default? Is there an app which will handle this well?

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Hi @Vinnydude 

would you mind checking our app Nada: Sort & Hide Out Of Stock

The app is automatically hiding sold-out products and sets a redirect to the homepage or any other page. Once the product is back in stock, it's published again and the redirect is removed. Like this, you are not being penalized on SEO as the visitors never get to the 404 page.

Try it for free for 7 days and check if it helps to solve your problem.


Martin Zima
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Hi Martin,

Thanks for taking the time to message.

If you could explain how you would do it, that would be great!

My issue is that the filter won't work once you break away from a collection into a tag, i.e /collections/watches/*a  product tag*

If there is a way around this, that would be great!

I have managed to find an app that will hide them, but as I've managed to build the entire store without needing to rely on an app up until this point, it has left a bitter taste in my mouth!!!