Overcoming the limit of 250 total tags per store

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Hi all


Another post here https://community.shopify.com/c/Technical-Q-A/1000-Tag-Limit-on-collection-tags/m-p/518007#M6818 refers to a limit of 1000 tags per store. Shopify now tells us that the limit is 250 tags per store.


That figure is nowhere near enough for our nonprofit site.

Is there—or can you envision—a workaround, perhaps with Metafields or some other app? We primarily use tags for menus like the left side of this page (this store is a modified version of the Supply theme):

Shopify's limit of 100 tags per product is plenty for us. One of our products might have a few dozen tags. The problem is the total number for the store.


Thank you!

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You can have more than 250 unique tags on the shop level. More likely you're thinking about per product. The 1000 limit is what Liquid returns and still isn't a limit overall on the Shop.

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Hi Jason....just to confirm you're saying the 1000 is not really a shop limit?  I ask because we are completing a services site and planning to structure this way.  Please comment if you would if you see any stop-points with this logic.


We have 2500 Contractors - each will have a blog article page with their company info.  The article will be a sub-set of a Blog category. (service type: plumber, garage door repair etc.)  Currently have 17 different categories.


We have homeowner members who will get their repair services from the contractors serving their zip code.  Homeowner members will have their account page populated with the links of the contractors matching their zip code. Using the homeowners zip code in their profile, we would use matching tags found on the Contractor blog article to populated links on the Homeowners Account page so they (the homeowner) can quickly click the service type they need which leads them to the specific contractor blog article page.


See any reason this would not work?  Any issues with scale?  Each Contractor page will be tagged with: Service Type + list of zip codes in their service area.  Question: Would zip codes have to listed as individual tags, or can I create 1 tag with multiple zip codes?


Thanks for feedback! Dave

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