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I'm using Dawn Theme. Have created a couple of page templates but it seems that the entire content of one page is being copied to new pages I've created. Appreciate any assistance

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@iramanalac Each template will share the same sections and contents if it is used multiple times. You will need to clone the templates if you want to have unique contents.

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Hi @iramanalac,


You can totally create different templates for different pages and then assign your pages to a specific template with the page editor

1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes > Customize 

2. Select Pages > Default Page from the page selector then click on Create template


3. Edit the template then save it.


Next, you'll need to assign products to each template:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Pages

  2. Use the search filter to locate the page that you want to change, or click on the page from the list of existing pages.

  3. In the Online store section, use the dropdown menu to select a new theme template to apply to the selected page.

  4. Click Save.



I hope it helps.

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Hello, I am having this issue however the second step of assigning pages to each template doesn't give me the templates I created as options. I am editing an unpublished website and I suspect this is affecting the results as the published website (with different template options) is a 'coming soon' page and that is part of the options given for the Theme Template section. If i select 'customize template' it is taking me to the Published Site with old templates, and not the Unpublished Site that will be my launch site which has the extra templates. Hope that makes sense.