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Page loading weird

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Our website is loading weird in some pages despite having all images optimised as per shopify recommendations. 
Any leads what could be causing this? 
Our theme is Pipeline 6.1.3 (Main page loading funny) (About us is also loading funny) is somehow ok. 

Thanks in advance. 

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This is FOUC, flash of unstyled content.

The type here is often from overoptimization of CSS or a problem with the CSS loading later than it should. The overoptimization would be CSS for other pages on the site was gathered but key parts for this page template got left out.

It could also be a problem with the html layout being invalid more common if the page is html that was copy pasted into a setting, or the pages rich text editor. 


If you used an "optimization" app you should roll back your CSS files.

If that page comes from a pagebuilder app/service you will need to go through their support.


If your theme code unmodified try getting a fresh copy of the theme and checking if the issue persists when recreating the page.



Beyond that you will need to have someone spend more time debugging it to find the root cause.

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