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Hi, so my shopify website redirects immediately to the product page ( As I sell a single product, I’m happy with this. 

I'm just having trouble using subfolder domains for shopify makets. It allows me to use it but I think it directs back to my primary domain. Does anyone have a solution?


I was getting mismatched values errors on my google merchant centre. 


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Hello @Leroybrown43!


I'm Roberto, the co-founder of Orbe. I came across your query about the issue with domain redirections on Shopify Markets and the mismatched values errors you're encountering in your Google Merchant Centre.


Orbe can offer a solution to this issue. With Orbe, when a customer visits your Shopify store, they're always redirected to the exact URL where they are located, ensuring a more tailored and seamless shopping experience.


Importantly, Orbe ensures that there's no automatic redirection without the user's consent on their first visit. This approach helps avoid the SEO & marketplace feeds penalties associated with involuntary redirections—a common issue with the native Shopify Markets functionality, which can also negatively impact your merchant feeds as highlighted by Google.


You can find the app here:


I hope this helps, and I’d be happy to answer any further questions you might have!




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I would assume the issue is related to your domain management.

In Google Merchant Center, please share what is the mismatch value, is the pricing / availability?


Also ensure when you submit a URL in google merchant center, that you have no redirection. If you want to redirect to a different page, then make sure the final URL is submitted in Google Merchant Center.

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