Pagination: Pagination URL Not in Anchor Tag (Screaming Frog)

Pagination: Pagination URL Not in Anchor Tag (Screaming Frog)

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Hi - I've been trying to find a solution to this issue and I'm just having success.  I see that some folks perhaps have had success with this: but my pagination.liquid file only looks like this:

<div class="one-whole column">
<div class="paginate">
{% if paginate.pages > 1 %}
{{ paginate | default_pagination | replace: '&raquo;', '<span class="icon-right-arrow"></span>' | replace: '&laquo;', '<span class="icon-left-arrow"></span>' }}
{% endif %}

and not what the example in the solution I mentioned looks like.  I've searched around and cannot find what I think would be the right code to zero in on.  Screaming Frog is telling me to endure paginated URLs are linked to within <a> tags. 


Can anyone help me solve this issue?  I currently have 130 pages with this issue.


I am using Turbo Theme from Out of the Sandbox, in case that's relevant.

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