Passing locale parameter to Checkout page

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Hi, we have a problem in out theme. I'm pretty sure that this could be problem with some settings. 
We have 4 languages published in shop and also we use Weglot with same languages. Translatations works great except checkout page where we always see Default German language.

What we know:
- When we are adding &locale=en to url in checkout it's translated but somehow this locale property is not added when we click Check-out button in cart.
- Url in cart form also looks fine because url in <form> attr is /en/cart or cart?locale=en (depends on settings) but none of these is working. Locale parameter is still missing.
- We also tried to remove all languages in Shopify and left settings only in Weglot as one of discussion in community mention but this also not fixing issue
- One thing concern me that in Checkout settings I see only one language that checkout is available (screen) and also when I click "Menage checkout language" I'm going to edit language settings in theme that doesn't have any select to choose different language to change.

I hope that this could be some issue with settings of markets or languages.
Thanks in advance.

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need and answer to this as well.

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Hi, Weglot Support here, Thanks a lot for your message.
Note that managing translated languages in your Shopify admin > Settings > Languages can create a conflict Weglot on the checkout pages.
Indeed, managing translated languages can conflict with Weglot, as you're managing two different translation systems at the same time.
Could you try to "unpublish" and "delete" the translated languages from your Shopify admin > Settings > Languages and check if it works better then?
If it doesn't, could you contact us at so we can help you further from here?

Have a wonderful day.