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Password Reset and Account Creation Issues

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I am running a third party Clean Canvas theme.

I am having a major problem with customers attempting to create an account and resetting passwords. We are encouraging customers to sign up for an account to take advantage of our Rewards program. But we have run into issues with customers who currently either have an email address in the system or are trying to create an account for the first time.

If a customer signs up for our mailing list/newletter their email address is added to the Shopify customer database. Then if this same customer attempts to CREATE an account it will tell them that they already have an account, which is NOT true because they have not created one, BUT they are in the database. It's confusing since having an email address in the database is not the same as registering for an account. See image new account.png The odd thing is that the system will send the customer an email to activate an account even though the message on screen is telling them they have an account and need to reset your password.

When I try to reset the password for a new email address I get a new error message (See image password reset message.png) saying the system has timed out. 

Also, when I attempt to reset a password for an older account or email address I have no issues doing so. It only seems to take place for the more recent accounts.

Any help on this issue would be great. If a Shopify expert could reach out by phone, that would be even better since this issue is convoluted.

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