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Hi, one of my staff is requesting access to my preference page so he can post an additional script in the area.  Is there a way to give him this access, or there is  a reason not to give him that permission for some security purpose?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi there!


If your staffer needs access to Online Store > Preferences you would need to grant them access to General > Settings which not only grants them access to Online Store > Preferences but also the entire Settings i.e. payment methods, shipping settings, etc. Just something to be aware of.


I am a little confused about "so he can post an additional scripts" because Online Store > Preferences only let you add Google Analytics script or Facebook Pixel. You could easily add those with a copy|paste yourself or if you're unsure, then your staffer could provide you the exact content to paste in there. As for additional scripts, those are added in Settings > Checkout > Order processing and would affect the order summary step of the checkout process. I'd definitely try understand why a script needs to be added here and what exactly that script will be doing - that's a question of verification or trust between yourself and your staff which I cannot comment on or won't make prejudiced assumptions.


Hope this helps - let us know if there's anything else that's unclear.

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Hi @RonnieK !


Katy here from Shopify. I hope you are well. 

Just jumping in on what Karl has mentioned here. I agree that it would be great if you could get more details on what sort of script you would like to add here.


We have recently made a security change within the Shopify platform. This removed the ability to add any scripts to the: Online Store > Preferences > Additional Google Analytics Javascript field and may have prompted a banner to appear in your admin.


This change is to prevent any unauthorized modifications to the checkout. Shopify’s checkout is designed to be safe and compliant with relevant safety standards, and while we've previously allowed scripts to modify aspects of the checkout (like colours/style elements, etc.) we've had to enforce the original no-modify stance for non-Plus stores. This is a proactive change to enhance customer security. However any reporting scripts such as Google Analytics which Karl has mentioned can still be used. 


You/ your staff member may have noticed a banner indicating to contact our support team to have this reinstated for this purpose. I have sent you an email so we can take a look to see if this is what you had been referring to. In the mean time, do please chat with your staff member to check on this, and then reply to me when you can to let me know.



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Hi Karl, my staff member is requesting similar permission to connect pixel. Is there anyway to grant him this without giving him access to payment, shipping etc.