Policy pages on mobile device glitches

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I tend to use my cellphone when working on my store and noticed an infuriating issue when editing my store policies on my phone. This issue pisses me off so badly because it's never ending and it needs to be addressed and fix IMMEDIATELY!



When i go into my policies page to edit them, after I paste or type something in, with any of the policies sections, it constantly moves my cursor to the end of the policy and then adds a bunch of blank line and it does this so many times that I end up with a huge blank section at the end of the policy I'm working on. And when I save and look at the policies from my store, you can see this massive blank section


I always have to manually go in and delete that huge blank chunk and quickly hit save. But it doesn't really do any good because it does this constantly. I tried working around it by copying and pasting the finished policy from Google Docs but then I have too large of spaces between each section of the policy that I need to delete, and then I run into the problem again. I've even noticed this on my laptop too, so it's not exclusively happening on my cell phone. This makes me so mad and I get so frustrated that I just give up and don't even want to deal with Shopify. This needs to be fixed ASAP! Otherwise, I'll just move to Etsy and not have to deal with this ridiculous issue.


This also happens when I'm doing my product descriptions.


Does anyone have a FIX, not a work around, but an actual fix?


Does anyone else experience this on mobile or computer?

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