Prestige Theme - Product Description Overlapping With Review Section & Recently Viewed

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I am in desperate need of assistance and hope someone can help. I have the Prestige Theme, version 1, I believe, and the Product Description & Specification section overlaps with Review Section & Recently Viewed. I have noticed this tends to be the case when the description or specifications section is long.

Here are some images below of the issue:






This issue is in every product page where the description or specification is long. Here is an example of one.

I was previously advised to input the following code at the bottom of my theme.scss.css file and that instead lead to my product images no longer showing so I had to remove:

@media screen and (min-width: 1008px) {
.Product__InfoWrapper {position: initial;}

.template-product .Product__Wrapper{display: flex; max-width: 100%;}

I hope someone can help. Thank you in advance.

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This is typically when any sticky elements have had their layout modified, or other elements added to sticky elements but not adjusted for in the javascript.

Or dynamic elements are rendering on the page again not adjusting or retriggering any javascript related to layout.

Either the sticky header , or sticky product form if present can be the culprit.


The quickest bandaid is to make the background color of the product description non-transparent and in some cases have a z-index so it overlays any content lower on the page.


Sometimes it's also a fix with margin-top: -1px; 


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Hello Paul,

Thank you for the response. How would I go about doing as suggested?