Price Breaks posted via CSV Import

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I have a very specific business model and I am trying to figure out whether there is an app that can meet my needs.

I will be selling products that require multiple price breaks for large quantities.

100 pieces = $1/piece
1000 pieces = $.98/piece
5000 pieces = $.95/piece


I have thousands of products that will require price breaks like this, each using different quantities and prices. 

Because of my large quantity of products, I prefer/need to use the CSV import function so that I can manage all products quickly. 


I have seen apps that allow you to set price breaks, but I have yet to find one that will allow me to upload bulk price break updates via CSV import

Has anyone found a solution to this problem?





**More example data below**

Product 1 - 100 pieces - $0.50/piece

Product 1 - 200 pieces - $0.45/piece

Product 1 - 400 pieces - $0.40/piece


Product 2 - 200 pieces - $0.70/piece

Product 2 - 800 pieces - $0.60/piece

Product 2 - 1200 pieces - $0.50/piece


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Hi @IanLeng 

You can bulk edit product prices in Shopify with Mixtable's Google Sheets-like spreadsheet interface by syncing your products/variants to a worksheet, and then use an Excel-style formula to update the prices in bulk. You can set your price breaks using the formula and have the prices be automatically computed. Then just sync them to Shopify.