Print on demand products rejected by Google - no GTIN

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Hi, I have a print on demand store with custom products that don't have a GTIN. I have ticked the custom product box on Google product data but they are still rejecting on basis of no GTIN.

Product Identifier

A custom product is a unique item that doesn’t already have a GTIN.

This is a custom product

I have looked all over Google merchant info and also in Gelato (print service) but I'm just not getting anywhere.

Has anyone managed to get over this?







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Hi @Jane_Muosh

Hyde here from Shopify.

If you are selling custom products we tell Google that these are custom products if the "This is a custom product" box is checked off. After this Google reviews the products, and if they think it isn't a unique product they will require you to enter a GTIN number which is what seems to be happening in your store.

You can request GTIN exemption from Google through the Google Merchant Center. Per their article on this: "It may take up to 7 business days to complete the manual review. Products that are approved as a result of the review will be eligible to show in Shopping ads and free listings within 24 hours". When they finish the manual review you should be able to proceed without a GTIN number!

In order to help you boost the sales and generate more traffic for your custom products I have personally handpicked these two great resources that will help improve the traffic in your store:

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

All the best, Hyde.

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That's great Hyde,

I've just unchecked all of the boxes and I'm going to recheck them again to see that makes any difference. 

If not I will request a manual check as per your advice. Thanks for the traffic links - Ill take a look



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If you are selling POD, then you may expect to get suspended, because of the following policy:

It states the following:  Promising products or promotional offers that aren’t available for users
Examples: Promoting products that are not stocked, promoting a deal that is no longer active, call-to-action in promotion that isn't easily achievable from the landing page
See the feed specification attributes on availability and price for specific guidelines to comply with this policy

POD, are products not stocked, hence a violation and reason for suspension.

Only in rare cases are merchants accepted if the trust factor is high enough, for example you have hundreds if not thousands of real reviews.

In most cases, POD merchants, especially new ones, all get suspended.

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I had this issue also, even with the custom product box checked. I solved this by using the SKU number that Printful assigned to each product for the MPN/GTIN. I think it took a day or so for the products to be approved after adding those to the MPN Google fields.

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But how you do this because I have for example one phone case with 10 variants for each iphone  and every product has his own SKU but in the google fields there is only one MPN field for this product?

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I'm not sure how you would do this for variants, although you might be able to do it by creating an MPN metafield for your variants. I haven't personally created metafields, though, so unfortunately I can't give instructions on how you would do that.

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Hi Sbmtrc,

We also have this problem and have had various people try to answer this for us with multiple variants and only on MPN field. Did you ever get a work around or solution for this issue?

Thank You!

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Hi Jane,


I have a similar situation.  I found the solution.  The problem has been solved in Google Merchant.  Once you go into your Google Merchant account, you can click on the Products screen.  For me there was an option to "fix the issue" and check a box.  The box indicates to Google Merchant that the item is "custom" and "unique", therefore it does not have a GTIN.   


Much Success in your business!


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im haveing this troble i cant evan Zendrop but i have made my own i cant find any manufacturers id for printify