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Printer Inkjet or Laser to print Orders

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Hi All,

I am a newbie.

I have been trying to figure out how to automatically print my orders from my Inkjet/laser printer as they come in.

I do not want to print from a receipt printer as the text is too small.


I can't be the only one that finds this infuriating! that such a simple function is made impossible to find. Grrrr.. 


Anyway, if anyone can help it is much appreciated.


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Only and exclusively laser. The ink dries in the inkjet.

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ok.. i am answering my own question just i case the 126 views are looking for the answer for the same thing. 

So far the only solution is using a 3rd party provider (PRINTNODE) that offers cloud printing. 

To enable this you will need you sign up for an app called PRINTOUT DESIGNER. 

PRINTOUT DESIGNER is a templating app that has an AUTOMATION RULE that will trigger the cloud printer (PRINTNODE) when an order comes in. 

The requirement for PRINTNODE is that a printer on a network has a computer that is PERMANENTLY "ON".  (unless you have a network printer [has has its own computer build it]) 

Another caveat (that i have found) is the printer can only print a4 (unless you have a receipt printer setup). 

As yet i have to find out if it can print on A6 size.. if anyone has to solution, i would very much be appreciative. 

i hope it helps anyone else out there. 🙂 



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Not true, if the inkjet is continually used daily the likelihood of drying up is very small.  The problem will be the cost per page (Cheap if you use the refillable 3rd part tank system) and the 'warmup' time. 

IN the end if speed and reliability is the issue then thermal is still the best.