Privacy policy, terms of service & return policy formatting

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Hi Community! 😀


Hoping to get some assistance on CSS code for the following in Dawn theme:

My "Refund policy", "Terms of Service" & "Privacy Policy" currently look like the below screenshot



I would like to format so the background color is #E6C068, the text color is #242833, and the titles are

"Privacy Policy", "Refund Policy" & "Terms of Service"


Hoping someone might be able to assist here. Thank you in advance for your help! 😍

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In your Shopify Admin :

1. Online Store

2. Themes

3. Click on Customize

4. Click on the icon for theme settings (the middle/second from top in your far left panel)

5. Scroll down to Custom CSS and enter the below code:

.shopify-policy__container {
  background: #e6c068;
  color: #242833;

6. Save your theme changes and test.

Please let me know if need more help. If fixed, please accept my answer.

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