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I have submitted my website to Google merchant center. At first it was approved then after a few days it was suspended due to website needs improvement. After speaking to numerous Google specialist I have found that there is a problem with my website. They are asking for policies to be in the footer of my website with links. They are all correctly showing on my website. But the thing is that they use a website called to check websites. And to my surprise when I check my website using this tool the footer of the website is not being rendered. Whereas it is clearly showing when I myself access my website from different devices and proxies. For this reason Google has suspended my account. I would appreciate if someone could help me out. Also as a bonus to others as well I have found out that this issue is persistent with other Shopify stores as well. Please anyone can help!?

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Google uses many tools to check for policy compliance.


For example, I recommend you add your business contact details in the footer of all pages.

For example, you are located in Germany but targeting UK. Unless this is an additional site, if its your first site then Google will most likely not approve you.

So if you are in Germany, make sure that you first setup a website and target Germany, once you have built up a enough trust signals, expand into other countries.


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Thanks for your reply. No that is not the issue as I have discussed this
with google several times. The problem is that they are not able to see the
footer of my website. I don't know the reason why the footer is not shown
to them. They use a tool called Geopeeker which does not show the footer of
my website. They have sent me a screenshot of my homepage and to my
surprise the footer isn't shown to them. If anyone can let me know why the
footer is not shown to them it is highly appreciated. If I can fix that
there shouldn't be a problem.