Problem With Listing In Shop App

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Ive got a problem, my products have been removed from the shop app because I have a chargeback rate of over 1%, and I no longer qualify. 


The thing is I literally did nothing wrong. A customer ordered an item from my site, I packed, shipped , and tracked the item. The order was a scam though, the customer entered an address that USPS couldnt deliver to. As soon as tracking updated to "undeliverable" the customer filed a chargeback. I would have gladly refunded them, or re shipped the item to a new address but noone even gave me a chance to!


So i paid the chargeback fees  cost of item and shipping + $15. wasnt gappy about but things happen so i paid it.


but now shopify removed my items from the shop app because of my over 1% chargeback rate in the last 6 months. This really hurts us! we re a new store , and a low volume store, so we ve only sold 75 items in a year and a half. Plus I can tell inside benchmarks, the other stores in our genre are extremely slow as well.


I understand the 1% chargeback rule is there to insure a high grade of sellers are on the shop app. But for someone like me, thats on low volume, it really unfairly restricts me for a bogus chargeback that i didnt even get a chance to refund or reship before it was initiated.


So is there anyone I can explain this to to be possibly reinstated to the shop app?

I tried chat support with no luck.


Any ideas appreciated.


thank you for reading



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