Problem with the auto-apply discount param change and gift cards

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There are multiple threads on the topic of the lost support for a feature that would auto apply discounts at checkout by amending ?discount={code} to a url, however, our use of this feature is a little more unique. I understand that there is a new format (/discount/{code}) for shareable links but, unfortunately, this doesn't work for a niche need of ours: the automatic application of gift cards at checkout.


For years our app was able to use the original discount param to automatically apply gift cards at checkout. This feature was temporarily lost in October 2022 but by working with a couple great members of Shopify's staff we were able to get this fixed. However, now that the original discount param has been dropped our gift card codes can't be applied automatically using the new link format.


Any help or suggestions on this would be appreciated. This change has had a dramatic impact on the customer experience for the businesses we support and therefore causing considerable problems for their support teams as well.

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