Problems With Alt Text SEO: Looking For Shopify Image Optimisation Advice

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I need your assistance because there is an urgent issue with the SEO of my website. Despite my best efforts, search engines are unable to interpret the alt text I provided to my photos. Despite my diligent analysis and necessary website modifications, the problem persists. I need your assistance in implementing alt text in a way that is comparable to the strategies used by popular websites, such as the one for Tours Packages that is linked here. In addition, how can I modify my hardcoded alt text using JSON? If you could provide any advice or comments, it would be greatly appreciated. I value your time and help with this matter.

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Hi @Malex234 ,


It sounds like you're encountering a common issue with alt text and SEO on Shopify. Alt text is crucial for SEO because it helps search engines understand what an image is about, enhancing your site's visibility. To implement alt text effectively, consider descriptive, keyword-rich phrases that accurately represent the image content.

For hardcoded alt text modifications using JSON, you'll need to access your Shopify theme files. Look for the .liquid files where your images are defined, and you can add or modify the alt text in the image object.


SEOPro could be a great asset in your situation. It offers features for bulk updating image alt texts, which could save you time and ensure consistency across your site. The app also helps in identifying and fixing other SEO issues, potentially improving your site's overall SEO performance. You can find more about it and how it might help with your specific issue here.


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