Problems with the add to cart option

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I have a problem with my add to cart function in my store.

When you click on add to cart, it opens the card, but it says it's empty (multiple browsers and PC's).

When I try it in the Dawn team, it does not open the cart, but is displays the message 'please try again later'.

This happens with all themes and all products.


I tried the Impulse theme (this is the current theme and I tried a empty one), I also tried Dawn, but they al do it.


Does anyone know what to do?

I have no ideas anymore.


My store is



It started when I removed a button attached to the add to cart button for subscriptions.
I removed it in the theme editor and then deleted the app.
I no longer see a link to this, but it's also with all themes, so don't really understand it anymore.

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can you share your storefront password ?