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Problems with two product feeds - delete Shopify Content API?

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I had used Shopify Google Shopping ads for a year. One day the ads decided to stop showing because there was some trouble with Shopify's Content API feed and Google Merchant Center. Products just expired and disappeared and Shopify support did not have a clue what happened either. I lost a lot of money in sales because of expired products and then decided to grab a 3rd party feed APP so that this will not happen again. I setup the feed app and my ads were showing again quite soon.


Now Shopify's Content API decided to wake up mysteriously again and it's pushing products to my GMC, as duplicates. It seems that the product URL's are wrong in the feed because I keep getting "Mismatched domains [link]" fault in GMC. BUT, my ads are still showing because the other 3rd party feed is working like a charm. Praise lord. So now I have two active product feeds, and only one of them is working. My question is: is it OK for me to just delete Shopify Content API from GMC? It is only causing me trouble and stress. Will this f up Google Smart Shopping campaign ads I have setup in Shopify?

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Yes you can delete / unlink the Shopify App.


If you are using smart shopping and this was created by the free app, you may need to enable it again in Google Ads.

You may also need to install remarketing manually again.

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