Proceed to Checkout Not Working-Dawn Theme-Mobile Only

Proceed to Checkout Not Working-Dawn Theme-Mobile Only

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My Proceed to Checkout Button is not working. I am using the Dawn Theme. It appears to work fine on PC/Desktop. It does not work on either my Android phone nor my wife's Apple iOS phone. When you click the button, it appears to be working, but then it cycles back to the same page. My store is

I have been rebranding and have not had a sale since May. Previously, I was using the Debut theme without any problems. I recently switched themes to Dawn in order to get the 2.0 experience. And I have been doing a lot of customizations as a result.

Looking at other solutions in the community, I have refreshed the Dawn theme. But without success.

I have also uninstalled all recently added apps.

I first noticed it last night 26 Aug 22 when I wanted my wife to checkout all the cool things I have done to the web site. When I asked her to "purchase" something, she was unable. 

Here is a link to what is going on.

I will keep it up until I have a solution.

I just ended an hour long chat with Shopify support in the Philippines. Although very nice, the service rep couldn't help me.

I have cleared the cache and cookies from browsers on both phones.

Again, the problem only appears to be on mobile. I can add something to my cart and proceed to checkout just fine on PC/desktop.

Any help is greatly appreciated since I am dead in the water at this point.


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A little bit more on this. . . 

I had an epiphany. I am using the ShineOn app, which creates a distinct product page and a distinct checkout page. I uninstalled the app and used the Shopify default product, cart and checkout pages. It works on mobile. So, the problem is with the ShineOn app. I will reach out to them.

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Hi @BlackCedar 

Welcome to the Shopify community! I am here to help you.

Thanks for the good question on Shopify community. I read all your query that you have shared and I checked website and found that there is some parameters is missing on your checkout button. So you just need to follow the steps below
1. Open your shopify dashboard.

2. Open code editor and look for the main-cart.liquid file

3. Search for the class "so-proceed-checkout-btn" and when you find the button named with this

4. just replace the button code/open tag as below provided code


<button class="btn so-proceed-checkout-btn" name="checkout">


If you got any difficulty or any error, Please feel free to

Thank you

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In "Section" I have main-cart-footer.liquid or main-cart-items.liquid. Neither of these files have the line of code to which you are referring.


As I "inspected" the offending page, I found the snippets of code to which you are referring. However, these are in specialized ShineOn files, not the main Dawn Theme files.

To that end, ShineOn has just reinstalled the software app for me and everything seems to be  working as it should now.

Thanks for the assist. It wasn't the solution. But, I appreciate your help.

Administration can close this query now.

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Well. Darn it. It has reared its ugly head again. Can't get past the "Proceed to Checkout" on anything while on mobile. I actually found the string of code discussed by Aashish_Bhatt. It was in cart.shineon.liquid. I made the recommended changes and it hasn't worked. So, I am back to square one.

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I am having a similar issue, sometimes the checkout button doesn't work. Please find the video below. 90% of the time everything works fine, but 10% of the time this issue occurs.


Video link:


I am using the app: Local Pickup & Delivery Date by Mageworx that displays a popup to select delivery date & time.


Everything works fine on desktop browser.

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Hey there. I know this post is a bit old, but I did run into this myself recently, specifically with the ShineOn Cart. Luckily, I have a very good developer who took a look at my situation and gave me the following code to copy and paste in the theme's "Custom CSS" section inside the theme's settings.


I copied and pasted the following code and my "Add To Shopping Cart" button appeared where it was supposed to:


input#current_variant_id + div.product-form--sticky {
position: static !important;


It worked for me, so I thought I would share in case this helps anyone else.