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I would like to create have the possibility to create a product page that would just be there and be a fake product, called 'Queen and King' but which functionality is to have inside or redirect to a page where the client sees a sort of bundle builder box with multiple steps (2 or 3).

In this builder, the customer will see 2 or 3 steps named for example 'Choose Queen ' and 'Choose King.' By clicking on the first step, they will appear all the products from the collection I've created called 'Queen ,' where they can use the quick view option to add items to the cart. After that, they can proceed to the 'King' section, choose products from that collection, and also add them to the cart.
So the end result will be the two product called "Queen " and the one called "King" in the cart and not the product called "Queen and King".

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Or maybe using tabs and clicking the first tab will show the linked products that I set and the next tab will have the other linked products? like this:

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Hello @Nurofen!


We are in the process of developing an app that might meet your needs.


If you're interested in such an app, kindly email me at, and I'll provide you with further details and send over our prototype.



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