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Trying to see if there is a way to do this on the product page. I'm looking to have some sort of custom liquid that will pull the images from the product and place them in the body of the page along with different snippets from the product description. The product description itself will be hidden on the page, but with having multiple products id like it to be custom for each product. Where each product page is more interactive than just having the images and a description to the side. Basically looking for customers to be able to scroll down the page and have a product image, with a product description excerpt underneath it and have done 4-5 times with the images from the product. if that makes sense. There are a lot of products on my site, so not looking to make each product page custom.

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Hi @Paddleballsport 


This can be done by two way using custom code.


1. Create a metafield at variant level which will allow you to enter image description for particular variant image.


By this will have different description for every variant image and these information will be available at product page via custom coding.



2. Will create a unlimited section option at product level you will able to enter image and associated description.


These information will be available at product page via custom coding.





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Thanks, how can i go about doing that coding?