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I have a website where I sell audio products and these products have pretty lengthy descriptions showcasing their features, technical specs and more. So to make these lengthy product descriptions we used some basic HTML format to make a better looking description rather than just a paragraph of words. The formatting and description look great when it comes to the website and looking at the product directly on the website, but when someone searches the product on google and clicks on the shopping tab and finds our product, the description shows our HTML code. I will include pictures of what this looks like, but I have scoured the internet to try to find something but have not been able to find an answer as to how to fix this.   


Elitecustomsound Product Description.png

Elitecustomsound google product description.png


My website is

I am just trying to have a better and more professional looking website on all aspects so I am trying to figure out how to fix this issue. Hopefully someone knows what is going on and can guide me in the right path to fixing this. Thank you. 

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When you submit details to Google Merchant Center, ensure you remove all coding and HTML formatting for the description. Depending on the data feed solution you are using, you may be able to do this internatelly in the app.

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