Product Export Errors

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Hello, I recently exported products for one of my brands, with the intent of updating pricing and re-importing back into Shopify.  The export resulted in the following errors:  mismatched skus, barcodes, pricing, and pictures.  Also, most of the pictures were missing.   This has affected 483 products, and the majority have approximately 5-8 variants.  I went through half of the products, and did not come across one that had the correct data.

Unfortunately, I didn't catch this until after I updated the pricing in the csv file, and imported the products.  I rolled the website back to a previous version from 11 days ago, but that did not fix the issue.  (I imported the product sheet, yesterday, 11/14). 

Has anyone encountered this?  I have already started correcting each product one by one, but was wondering if there is a quicker way.  I'm also curious why the website rollback didn't work.


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