Product Images Not Showing Default Image In Cart

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Hello Shopify Community,

We have an odd issue going on with our website, and the theme developer said that it could be a Shopify issue.

If we have more than 3 product images connected to a product, if you add that product to the cart, it shows the last image instead of the default first image on the cart page and in the confirmation emails as well.

This is for a wholesale website, and some of our customers are complaining as the first image shows the entire product, while the last image sometimes will just be a close-up of the product, and the customers use the confirmation emails as a way to keep track of what they have ordered.

This is the link:

And a good page to test on is the Senegal Baskets, out most popular items:

And this is a guest login so you can Add To Cart:

Password: guestdeveloper

Our theme is Mr. Parker Shopify Theme. We have tested on the Debut theme as well with the same results.

Curious of any other Shopify websites are dealing with the same issue? If not, then we can go back to the theme developer, but the fact it does it on Debut theme as well might make this a moot point as it could be a Shopify issue.

Thanks in advance.