Product Metafields and Metaobjects, URL structure and collections

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Hello! I'm considering migrating my current store to Shopify.


I need:

  1. Support for 2 languages.
  2. Custom metafield values should be defined by a clear list.
  3. Translation for each metafield value should be set once
  4. Normal URLs that are understandable with filters and not too long.

What I've done:
I found a solution: using Metafields as values for product metafields.
I'm using the Translate & Adapt and Search & Discovery apps, and overall it works.


But there are 2 problems:

1. Filters URLs are very long and unreadable (a problem for marketers and users alike). Is there a way to change the URL structure? Can I write some code in the Liquid theme myself?



2. I can't create collections based on metafields with metaobjects.


Can you suggest how to solve these two problems?
Or perhaps there's another way to organize product attributes according to my needs?


Thank you for your attention. I hope you can help!

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