Product Schema: How to avoid warnings of missing "review"/"aggregateRating" - without adding reviews

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We have a number of product pages on Shopify where we do not have reviews (and we do not wish to add these at this stage). However, we do wish to utilize the Product Schema markup to e.g. enable display of prices etc in rich text results.


To achieve this we can use the standard Shopify JSON-LD text, which excludes reviews/aggregateRating by default. However, when we do so we get a warning in the various validation tools - e.g.


Is there a way to avoid these warnings without actually adding reviews?


For example, can we include the fields, but somehow tell that they are "N/A" in a valid way to avoid the warnings. To keep things manageable we try to avoid having a ton of warnings on our search console, even if this case e.g. has no practical effect.  

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Hi @mfcss 

If you enter "N/A" or other fake data to remove the warnings, you risk a Google violation (for false information) and risk getting kicked off Google.

Warnings are just a heads up. They require zero action and can be ignored.

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