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Hi there.

We are writing original description for our products and would like to protect the content from copy-paste. 

I could find a few good application preventing text selection and blocking right-click on images, but if possible we wounder if is it possible at the Shopify platform to make something like copyright protection at this page.


 Do anyone have an idea how to do it? 

Thank you for reading it 🙂 

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Hi @Kaseijin,

You can use JS to block this. Please go to assets > theme.js file, find 'sections.register' and add code here:



window.addEventListener('copy cut', function (e) { 
    alert('Block copyright');
  }, false);

You can change the notification content to your liking.

Hope it helps!


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Hi @Kaseijin,

While there is nothing natively available to prevent duplication of copyright material, Shopify takes intellectual property infringement very seriously. We offer a portal for store owners to report suspected IP theft.

Meanwhile, you may be able to do something with the code as outlined by @LitCommerce, but if you're not familiar with coding I would recommend consulting a Shopify Expert (they're a team of third-party developers who can make custom changes to your store on a contracted basis).

I hope this helps!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.