Pulling my hair out - Adding sub collections?

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So...I started this web page about a year ago and had some momentum, but had to take time away. Now that I'm back on it, I can't remember how I did some of the things I did. 

If you look at the home page and scroll down, you will see "Suspension", "Drivetrain", "Bushings" and so on. If you click on "Suspension", you will see that there are sub-categories of parts. I need to do this same thing for the "drivetrain", etc. but I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out how I did that. If anyone can help me out here, I would really appreciate it. 


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Hard to say without seeing the code in the Theme. 

The ways I see this done include:

  • manually, or using a page editing app to build the layout
  • Setting the sub collections in a metafield. Theme code grabs the collections listed in the metafields and shows them
  • Collection handle matching. So using a known handle/name format so. Code loops over all collections it can and tries to find a match.

If you’re open to sharing some code snippets we might be able to help narrow it down to spark that memory.

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Thanks for the input. I'd be happy to share any code or anything else. However, I'm not an expert so I will need a little guidance to know what part of the code you are looking for. Is it best to take a screen shot of the code when sharing?