Purchase value not tracking on Facebook, or Google Analytics

Purchase value not tracking on Facebook, or Google Analytics

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This was posted by another store but I am having the exact same issue.  Does anyone have an idea of why this would happen?  I just had someone set up my tracking using Google Tag manager and he cannot figure out why it is not tracking purchase value.


I need help on trying to figure our why our events purchase  tracking stopped working.  On September 26th all events purchase tracking stopped for facebook, google and tiktok.  Other things like add to cart and page view work but the purchase tracking completely stopped.   This is occurring on all ad platforms we use. We can't figure out why and have checked and tested all the pixels and API systems.  They are all working. We are losing $1000's a day and wasting huge amounts of AD spend. 

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Hey Missy,


If you previously set this up, via adding the pixels directly to the theme's coding, then try removing the coding, and then setting up the pixels via their respective apps instead:












If you're already doing the above, and it's still somehow not working, then you can try adding conversion tracking to your order status page, via the "additional scripts" field within the "Checkout" settings of your store. 


See here: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/orders/status-tracking/customize-order-status/add-conversion-trac... 


Hope the above helps point you in the right direction! 🙂




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That sound way more simple than what I hired someone to do.  He did it with Google Tag Manager.  I may have to remove what he has done and try this.