Question about how to get data from app backend

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Hi all! I’m trying to retrieve data from the Admin API, and I was unsure if I understand the process for doing this. The docs were a little bit hard to follow and didn’t really explain what I need.

From my current understanding, I have to do the following:

1. Authenticate my app with Shopify through the backend (server.js)

2. In the server.js, I can write a function or have a script run that fetches data from the admin api (such as customers/orders/etc.)

3. in my frontent (index.js or _app.js) I can make an axios request to my apps backend (server.js) to call the function or request a variable I set with the needed data

Can anyone please confirm if this is correct?

Basically, I just need to generate current metrics for my app. It doesn’t save customer data or anything like that, all I really need is to access an array of ints containing the values I want to display.


thank you!